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OREC has been serving the orthodontic profession for 42 years and our motivation has always been to do what’s best for our clients. We offer proven patient education and practice marketing products and services that have been developed in conjunction with orthodontic offices worldwide.

View OREC’s complete line of Patient Educational Materials (Books, Cards, Magnets and Posters) in the Products section of this website.

OREC Marketing Programs consist of Personalized Books, and ORECmail.

Every orthodontist is his or her practices CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. For an orthodontist there are two separate forms of practice marketing:

INTERNAL – relationship building with current patients and referral sources

EXTERNAL – consisting primarily of print advertising with some radio and TV. Computers and the latest digital printing technology now make it possible to promote orthodontic treatment to prospective patients selected by doctor or demographic criteria. Many practices are operating below capacity despite the fact that they could and would like to start more patients. The past few years have seen an increase in competition from orthodontists, pediatric dentists, general dentists and producers of goods and services that are aggressively chasing the consumers discretionary dollar.

 Changing rules and temporary windows of opportunity make now a compelling time to review and revise marketing strategies. Only you can determine OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES, TACTICS AND A MARKETING BUDGET and how to market your practice. Whether or not you have already implemented a marketing plan OREC can assist you in achieving greater practice awareness and enhancing the loyalty and compliance of your patients.

Today there is an increased emphasis on External Marketing. Many people who need treatment are not getting it. OREC’s targeted approach to external marketing is more efficient and gives you an exceptional return on your marketing dollar. The results of our marketing programs are easily measurable, and because you can prove that they work, they become their own justification.

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