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Case Study: Hilliard Orthodontics

Dr. Keith Hilliard of Lakeland, Florida was one of the first ORECmail clients. He provided feedback on different types of direct mail pieces and worked with us in the development of coupon style offers that have become key elements in today’s most successful mailings.

Dr. Hilliard’s practice experienced a return of 10 to 1 when comparing new contracts written versus the mailing program cost.

Dr. Hilliard further analyzed the effectiveness of ORECmail in a study done with Dean C. Bellavia, Ph.D of the Bio-Engineering Company. The study was conducted in his practice with the same receptionist and treatment coordinator in place and focused on the percentage of exams starting treatment from ORECmail versus all other exams over a 14 month period. The result showed that the percentage of exams starting treatment from ORECmail equaled the percentage of exams starting treatment from all other sources including doctor and patient referrals.


"For the past 17 years every OREC mailing we have done has produced a minimum of one case start. Most have produced an additional 4 to 8 starts that we can track directly to the mailing ... we think there may be more who were reminded to call back because of the postcard. OREC has produced excellent results for us and they are a dream team to work with."
Dr. Keith & Ann Hilliard
Lakeland, Florida
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