ORECMail is Direct Marketing

ORECMail+ is Direct Marketing + Online Social Media

ORECMail introduces you and your practice to potential patients in your market area that have a high probability of needing your services.  ORECMail+ is a marketing-based solution designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing the results through the integration of digital platforms.


Our marketing platform is designed as an Omnichannel Marketing approach.  Turn a single mail piece impression into multiple repetitive impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms.

About Our Process

Every mailing program is tailored to your specific practice strategies and objectives. Completing the ORECMail Demographic Analysis Form will help define your market area while providing a clear overview of all appropriate demographic information such as: geography, household income, presence of children, and age. Mapping and drive time analysis are also included. Once finalized, your unique ORECmail Analysis becomes the basis for the client database and mailing list.

Samples of Recent OREC Client Mailings

Take a look at our latest Samples of OREC Client Mailings.

Included in Each Program

Exclusive Market Area


Variable Data
Custom Photos / Graphics

Demographic Analysis

Full-color Printing

Sorting, Bundling
Delivery to Post Office

Graphic Design

Coupon Development

New Mailing List
For Each Mailing


Just wanted to let you know that we are experiencing a very good response to the last mailing. Over ten new patient calls in two days and still counting. Thanks for your help.

Deana Butler
Sylvania, Lambertville, & Fallen Timbers Orthodontics
Sylvania, Ohio

The Apple watch promotion went real well! We’re still putting together the final numbers but I think we got at least 20 exams from it! I would like to do an early summer mailer for the first week of June if possible.

Dr. Noyce
St. Joseph, Missouri

For the past 17 years every OREC mailing we have done has produced a minimum of one case start. Most have produced an additional 4 to 8 starts that we can track directly to the mailing … we think there may be more who were reminded to call back because of the postcard. OREC has produced excellent results for us and they are a dream team to work with.

Dr. Keith & Ann Hilliard
Lakeland, Florida

Our mailing hit Monday! We got 27 new patient calls, then on Tuesday 33 new patient calls, this one rocks!

Frank Rudey, DDS, MS, PS
Seattle, Washington

For some time now our office has been using high quality, extremely professional direct mail pieces designed by OREC for educating the general public about the benefits of orthodontics in general, and the benefits of receiving care in our office. I was initially concerned about us getting a reputation of being ‘advertising’ orthodontists. These fears have turned out to be unfounded as patients, referrals, and the general public have all been very complimentary about them.”

“I was also concerned about cost effectiveness or return on investment. I am happy to state that the direct mail pieces are the third most common reason given for seeking care at our office after dental referral and existing patient recommendations. I would add that there seems to be an added effect that we have experienced over time. It seems that the repetition of our message (we do four mailings per year) has created a momentum that increases the number of new patients who call us each month from this source. I would highly recommend that any doctor seeking new sources of patient starts consider the OREC direct mail program.

Dr. Terry Sellke
Grayslake, Illinois

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